Print FNSKU Labels and Provide
Box Content Information.

(with only one barcode scan)

Box Level Buddy Benefits

The Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) sellers’ best friend.

Print FNSKU Labels

Scan your product barcode, and let Box Level Buddy print off the FNSKU automatically.

Provide Box Content Information

Using 2D Barcodes, Box Level Buddy allows sellers to easily print off box content information for their Amazon shipments.

Quickly print all types of labels

Box Level Buddy empowers Amazon Sellers to quickly and easily print off expiration labels and numerous other labels for their FBA products to improve workflow efficiency.

How It Works

Box Level Buddy is a Google Chrome extension for Fulfillment by Amazon sellers that automates the entry of Amazon box content information and FNSKU Label printing. Simply scan the products as you place them in the box, and BLB will provide the appropriate FNSKU label for your product. When you finish packing your box, Box Level Buddy will generate a 2D Barcode for you to provide Box Content Information to Amazon. The result? For the cost of a latte every month, your products are quickly labeled and your box contents are accurate… without hindering your workflow.

Box Level Buddy Saves You Time

How many shipments do you process per month?

How many units per month do you ship?

Box Level Buddy Process

How Box Level Buddy makes happier Amazon Sellers.



Scan (or enter) your products.


Label your products for FBA.


Pack your products into a box.


Label your box for Amazon.


Frequently Asked Questions

Not yet convinced? Here are the answers to our most common questions.

(1) What are the software requirements?
There are two software requirements for Box Level Buddy: Google Chrome and DYMO Label Writer. Download Chrome and DYMO Label Writer for free and then put Box Level Buddy to work for you.
(2) What are the hardware requirements?
Box Level Buddy works with any Windows, Mac, or Linux computer capable of running Google Chrome. While Box Level Buddy helps dramatically even when no scanner is present, the addition of a product scanner fully automates the process. An inkjet or laser printer is required for printing the 2D barcode. A DYMO label printer is recommended for printing the expiration labels.
(3) What label sizes are supported?
BLB currently supports the following DYMO label sizes:

  • 30252 (1-1/8” x 3-1/2”)
  • 30321 (1-4/10” x 3-1/2”)
  • 30334 (2-1/4” x 1-1/4”)
  • 30336 (1” x 2-1/8”)
(4) How difficult is the Box Level Buddy installation & setup process?
Box Level Buddy can be installed in a few minutes by doing the following: install Google Chrome, install DYMO Label Writer, and then install Box Level Buddy.
(5) Does Box Level Buddy need my MWS credentials?
No. Box Level Buddy does not need your Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS) credentials at this time. We are planning on a few updates that will help sellers pack even more efficiently, and at that time we will ask for your MWS credentials.
(6) What is a 2D barcode?
A 2D barcode is simply a barcode that contains lots of individual dots. The barcode can store a significant amount of information that Amazon can then use to determine what’s in the box you sent them.
(7) Can’t we just use the tools Amazon has provided?
Absolutely you can. However, we found it easier and faster to scan items as we placed them into the box than it was for us to continually go back and forth to record what was in each box. By using Amazon 2D Barcodes, we believe that we can save you time on every shipment.
(8) Does Box Level Buddy require a lengthy contract?
No. In fact, Box Level Buddy is only available in a simple, no strings attached, cancel-any-time month-to-month contract.
(9) Is my credit card information safe?
Yes. We take credit card security very seriously, which is why we use Stripe. We do not store any credit card information on our servers, nor would we want to.
(10) Can this tool be used on multiple computers?
Yes. Box Level Buddy can be used on up to 3 computers. Please note that while numerous people can work on the same shipment, each individual box must be prepared on the same computer. Otherwise, the 2D barcode would not be accurate.
(11) How do I use Box Level Buddy?
We designed BLB to be simple so that your workflow can remain the same up to when you pack the box. Since Amazon has implemented the new box content rules, most sellers’ workflow will need to change a little. However, when using Box Level Buddy, all you need to do is scan the items as you place them into the box. Then you simply print the 2D barcode and place it on the box. It doesn’t matter if there’s an Amazon FNSKU label or just the manufacturer’s barcode.
(12) Does Box Level Buddy track what is shipped by sellers?
No. We do not track any information about what you send to Amazon. We simply provide a way for you to quickly tell Amazon what you’ve shipped them.
(13) What label printers does BLB currently support?
BLB currently supports every label printers made by DYMO. They’re cheaper than other printers, and we believe are easier to setup and use. A DYMO Label printer is recommended for printing expiration labels.
(14) Will you be adding Zebra support in the future?
We do have plans on adding Zebra printer support in the near future with the use of a Mozilla Firefox extension.